Industry-Agri & Animal Health

Study Type-Tractors and Harvesters Study

Geography-India and China

Sample Size-500

Respondents-Farmers – Contractors for New Holland Brand and Competition

Background & Key Objectives

To understand the brand image and current market positioning of New Holland tractors, harvesters and combines as well competition in India and China

Methodology & Approach

Client provided a programmed survey link of 15-20 minutes duration

Administered 500 interviews each in India and China with Farmers – Contractors for New Holland Brand and Competition (main 3/4 competitors per country) by F2F methodology

Screener inluded that it should have been bought in the last 5-7 years

Adhered to sub-quotas of 40% livestock, 40% of field crop and 20% of sample made of mixed farm

Our Solution

Punched data for New Holland Customers and competitors customers like Claas, Fendt, China Harvester, Shangai Star, Sonalika etc.(self-propelled machines as tractors and harvesters - combines, harvesters) in India and China in client provided links

Detailed understanding on current brand, mapping attitudes, perception and expectations therein. Also, provided insights on market positioning for New Holland and competitor tractors and harvesters in India & China.



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