Industry-Agri & Animal Health

Study Type-Veterinarians Study

Geography-Veterinarians Perception Mapping for Product X used for Small Animals

Sample Size-60 interviews/ country of 15 min duration

Respondents-Veterinarians treating small animals

Background & Key Objectives

To understand the current prevalence of Parvovirus and ongoing trends used by clinics and hospitals for prevention in small animals

To assess the current satisfaction and expectations from Product X

Methodology & Approach

60 online interviews/ country were conducted with veterinarians treating small animals Key screener requirements were atleast 70-80% of their time with 3+ years of experience; decision makers - involved in products they use

Length of interview was 15 min duration, where a short video was shown during the interview.

Quota sampling approach was used to ensure representative spread of the samples Collected views on current prevalence and ongoing trends for prevention by interviewing veterinarians within the hospitals & clinics"

Our Solution

Provided data after quality checks in banner tables that enabled insights for Parvovirus as well as towards the marketing efforts to invest in Product X for each country

Our assistance enabled the client to successfully analyse Product X (vaccine) perception and usage to prevent Parvovirus in small animals (dogs and cats etc.) across EU4 & US



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