Industry-Agri & Animal Health

Study Type-Yard/Garden Owners Study

Geography-US EU5 Australia

Sample Size-US (1200), EU5 (700 per country) and Australia (700)

Respondents-Yard/garden owners involved in buying/ influencing Ticks and Fleas products

Background & Key Objectives

To understand customer perception and buying behaviour of yard/ garden owners in multiple countries

To assess the current trends for products for ticks & fleas and purchasing pattern in each of the country

Methodology & Approach

We translated the questionnaire in local language and hosted, programmed the link 15 minutes online survey was conducted targeting yard/garden owners in each country.

Further quotas for yard/garden owners as Home owners of a single family dwelling with a yard and/or garden.

Must be decision maker

Has visited in last 12 months -Garden center/nursery, DIY store/hardware store, Online stores, Pet stores, Vets and others

Our Solution

Data was provided separately for each country client expected SPSS/Excel datafile structure to help them in analysis

Our primary research helped our client to evaluate current customer perceptions and assess gaps and potential opportunities in this segment.



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