Industry-Medical Products & Services

Study Type-IV Infusion Pump Study


Sample Size-200

Respondents-Purchasing Managers and Nursing Managers

Background & Key Objectives

The end client, an IV Pumps manufacturer wanted to understand the purchase preferences of IV pumps from laboratories (customers) assessing their current experience and unmet needs.

Methodology & Approach

"Quantitative study of 30 minutes to assess the current experience and unmet needs for IV infusion systems. Key information areas included purchasing managers decision making attributes in IV infusion pumps addressing:

- the criteria that drive their decision to purchase an IV infusion system

- their opinion on this new product

- their purchasing methods and preferences

- their price expectations and perception for such a system

Our Solution

Adaptive Choice-Based Conjoint was adopted for preferential modeling for IV pumps by first building optimal product configuration confirmed by the client; then assessing must-haves and unacceptables and lastly tradeoffs are explored by systematically varying remaining product configurations.



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