Industry-Pharma & Lifesciences

Study Type-Executives Survey

Geography-United States

Sample Size-100

Respondents-Chief Information Pharma/Biotech brand directors/VPs

Background & Key Objectives

Key objective of this study is to understand the change in marketing spend for traditional vis-à-vis digital marketing for pharma companies

Methodology & Approach

The scope of the quantitative survey of 30 minutes duration was to gather insights on marketing budget that pharma companies allocate to their marketing and how digital transformation has impacted their spend percentage in digital and conventional means of advertising. Further, we collated targeted information on focus areas of DTP (Direct to Physician) or DTC (Direct to Consumer) marketing and familiarity of the concept of programatic buying.

Our Solution

We presented data tables and cross-tabs and our insights enabled the end-client define paramerets for conventional traditional vs digital marketing methodologies.



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