Industry-Pharma & Lifesciences

Study Type- Metastatic Colorectal


Sample Size-50

Respondents-Prostrate Cancer Patients and Caregivers

Background & Key Objectives

The key objective was to understand the unmet needs of prostrate cancer patients that have tendency to progress to metastatic colorectal cancer.

Methodology & Approach

"Hybrid methodology of online panel and telephonic discussions of 15 minutes were conducted with the prostrate cancer patients and their caregivers:

1. Physicians from our panel and asked them for patients/ caregivers references using snowball sampling.

2. Physicians across Singapore and asked them for references of patients/ caregivers they know of.

3. Approached NGOs/Patient support and advocacy groups and leveraged their references for caregivers.

Our Solution

Our hybrid approach targeted the right patients of prostrate cancer and their caregivers in Singapore



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