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Online Research

  • Access to more than 500,000 healthcare professionals including healthcare practitioners, specialists, allied healthcare professionals and caregivers across 20 geographies.
  • Healthcare practitioners are targeted across a wide range of therapy areas and indications in both public and private set-up.
  • Detailed profiling of panelists based on healthcare attributes.
  • Panellists are recruited through telephonic recruitment from the universe.
  • Responses are validated and authenticated through a multi quality check process like time spent on the survey, straight-liners and trap questions.
  • Checking of responses through location verification and asking duplicate questions to the check the consistency of responses.
  • Non-responders or volunteers are removed from the panel in a systematic manner and new recruitments are made to fill the gap resulting in high and consistent response rates.
  • Panelists are profiled based on various attributes which includes Age, Gender, Qualification, Specialty Type, Sub Specialty Type, Practice Type, Years of Experience, Place of Practice, Number of Patient seen per month, Therapeutic Area.



We believe unique and genuine repondents ensure quality responses. We have overcome these challenges through a 5-step panel authentication process.

Double Opt In

Mobile Verification

Mobile Opt-In



Online & Social

Media Verification

Online Response




With a worldwide presence, multilingual support and market research experience across different countries and regions, Unimrkt Health has the capability to gather and analyze intelligence from multiple geographies across the world. We have developed specialist panels and our extensive network help us to reach out to respondents across the globe

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