Unimrkt assists its clients with host of research support services like survey programming, survey data processing and analysis, open end coding, presentation and report writing. In an endeavor to assist our clients, so that they can focus on more strategic and urgent work commitments or when their staff are just at capacity and overflow assistance is needed or prefers to outsource some of the services, we are there to help!

Our Research Support Servicesteam carefully reviews, prepares and delivers your data with accuracy and precision.

Research Support Services

Our survey programming and hosting team assists clients with online and CATI surveys and research tools to gain data advantage in the marketplace. We offer programming for a number of leading platforms and can program anything from simple screeners to complex conjoints.

    Programming and hosting capabilities.

  • General survey questions
  • Choice-based conjoint (CBC)
  • Adaptive choice (ACBC)
  • MaxDiff approaches

    Our Offerings.

  • Experienced in handling skip patterns, complex branching, piping, randomization etc.
  • Ability to support audio/video and flash programming
  • Supports translation and programming of 60+ languages
  • Ability to manage quotas with any complexity
  • Kiosk-based online surveys
  • In-house online survey design, programming and hosting

    Tools & Technology expertise.

  • CfmcwebSurvent
  • ConfirmIT
  • Kinesis
  • Gizmo Surveys
  • Sawtooth
  • Survey Craft
  • MS ASP based custom built server
  • Qualtrics and many others

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