Research Services

Leveraging rich experience throughout the value chain in diverse industry segments, Unimrkt Healthcare has successfully completed a spectrum of research projects, covering all major regions, including non-English-speaking markets. As your market research partner, we assume the responsibility to help accelerate business growth through a full suite of research offerings. Here’s a quick overview of our capabilities:

Research Offerings

Research Services

Pharma and Life Sciences

Actionable market and competitive intelligence across all segments of the healthcare industry.

Medical Technology and Devices

In-depth market research covering a wide spectrum of healthcare products and services.

Digital Healthcare

Explore the future of digital healthcare to guide product innovation and new developments.

Animal Healthcare

Extensive market research covering an array of projects in animal health.

Valuable Insights for Consistent Growth

Since its inception, Unimrkt Healthcare has been at the forefront of healthcare market research, completing diverse research projects and delivering stellar outcomes. Here are a few other attributes that make us worthy of your trust:


Leverage global & regional data-driven industry knowledge.


More than 120,000 surveys and 350 qualitative discussions in a year.

Process Oriented

Streamlined processes to ensure seamless service delivering.


Expect nothing short of exceptional outcomes with unmatched efficiency.

Cost Saving

30-50% cost reduction at same quality
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Need More Info? Talk to Us

We, at Unimrkt Healthcare, understand that choosing a market research partner is a critical decision for your organization, which can be clouded by certain apprehensions. That’s why our team of consultants is always read to address any questions or concerns you may have.

To discuss your requirements or learn more about our research capabilities, please call +91-124-424-5210 or +91-9870-377-557. You can also email at, and we’ll take it from there.