• Industry: Pharma & Lifesciences
  • Study Type: Breast Cancer Study
  • Client: A leading Research & Consultancy Firm

Background & Key Objectives

  • To get critical insights from Medical/Clinical Oncologists and Gynecologic Oncologists to better understand how the treatment of HR+/HER2- and Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC) patients are managed.
  • To know the overall treatment strategy and protocol followed for HR+/HER- and Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC) across all the target markets. In addition, the broad line objectives included:
    1. Pros and cons of current treatment options
    2. Treatment gaps and unmet medical needs
    3. Patient charts for both subtypes HR+/HER- and TNBC

Methodology & Approach

  • We conducted a quantitative primary research targeting Medical Oncologists and Gynecologic Oncologists with 3 to 30 years of experience, devoting over 60% of their time to direct patient care and responsible for the decision to initiate drug therapy for HR+/Her2- and TNBC.
  • Length of Interview: 35 minutes.
  • Target Markets: Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia and Hungary.
  • Questions pivoted across the following areas:
    1. Patient Journey and Demographics: Average patient count for both sub-type, split between Stage-0,I,II,III,IV/metastatic for HR+/HER2- and TNBC, first diagnosis to treatment, germline BRCA mutation status.
    2. Treatment strategy and protocol: All lines of treatment, prescription percentage for all drug classes, advantages and disadvantages of various treatment options for these patients.
  • We deployed a specialist team of healthcare researchers, comprised of experienced Research analysts with skillsets for oncology study discussion with specialists and project managers with experience in data analysis.

Our Solution

  • This aided the client in creating the report on current patient demographics, specifically for HR+/Her2- and TNBC patient subtype.
  • Our assistance helped the client generate actionable insights in optimizing their breast cancer product pipeline and realign their product strategy.
  • Data was delivered in SPSS and Excel format