Medical Technology and Devices

Unimrkt Healthcare market research covers a broad spectrum of medical products and services. We have varied exposure in handheld, portable, capital equipment as well as consumable devices. We have proven expertise in clinical diagnostics, therapeutic devices such as infusion pumps, vascular access, ventilators, hemodialyzers, pacemakers, and others, healthcare informatics, digital healthcare, and other hospital consumables.

Further, our methodologies are flexible and customized as per the business challenges, encompassing all major stakeholders involved in the services, accessories, and marketing that work to bring the client product/ device/ services to market – incorporated with the insight needed to succeed in the marketplace. That said, we assist in studies from the initial concept right through to commercialization addressing the physical, emotional, and logistical challenges faced by the medical fraternity, patients, advocacy groups, competitors, and other key stakeholders.


Client Engagement by segment

Business Challenges We Cover

We support clients towards their business and market research needs throughout all stages of clinical development (preclinical, phase I/ II/ III, launch, and beyond) that helps in making better clinical and commercial decisions including new product planning to brand planning to mature brand optimization, resulting in enhanced outcomes for patients, physicians, and other shareholders.

Market Intelligence

We provide market intelligence solutions covering all major business areas to provide support at each stage of product development and commercialization by discovering unmet needs in the marketplace and to evaluate and test client ideas for feasibility and usability.

  • Market Assessment
  • Market Landscape
  • Procedure Tracking
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Behavioral Analysis
  • Product Analysis
  • Concept Testing
  • Price Research
  • Customer Perception
  • Brand Communication effectiveness

Stakeholder Insights

Our main focus revolves around key executives like customers, doctors, physicians, medical technicians, industry experts, payers and healthcare professionals for their fundamental and technical knowledge about the industry landscape.

  • Awareness, Attitude and Usage Research
  • Key Opinion Leaders Insights
  • Positioning/ Branding Research
  • Product Usability Testing
  • Brand Awareness Study
  • Customer Experience and Satisfaction surveys
  • Advertising Research
  • Procurement Process Analysis

Strategic Solutions

Our in-depth scoping methodologies help customers get granular insights about the new healthcare trends and emerging technologies to gain the competitive advantage and outwit rival firms.

  • Concept Testing
  • New Product Ideation
  • Opportunity Assessment
  • Customer Mapping
  • Need Gap Analysis
  • Product Refinement
  • Win Loss Analysis
  • Value Proposition Testing
  • New Product Development
  • Price Point Analysis

Target Groups

Role/Target Respondents

  • Distributors
  • Medtech Resellers
  • Consultant

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