Healthcare Payers

Our digital healthcare offerings integrate set of capabilities spanning the Healthcare Services, Life Science and Medical Devices, and digital practices to enable a holistic view and to allow us to assist clients in understanding the issues and implications of, and their optimal options regarding, the challenges and opportunities posed by digital interventions.

The digital transformation underway encompasses a vast, diverse set of uses and applications for providers and payers to deploy digital technologies to improve access, connectivity and engagement, individual- and population-level outcomes and efficiency.

For providers of various diagnostic and therapeutic products, digital technologies is leveraged for improving productivity and effectiveness across the value chain, from R&D through commercialization and delivery.

Additionally, from the perspectives of consumer or patient journeys, this may encompass tools for managing health and wellness, screening and detection of health issues, assessing digital technologies, tools and services to supplement or even provide therapeutic care.


Business Challenges We Cover

We support clients towards their business and market research needs throughout the product life cycle (clinical, registration, and launch), helping them to make better clinical and commercial decisions, including new product planning to brand planning to mature brand optimization, resulting in enhanced outcomes for patients, physicians, and other shareholder.

Health Plans and Insurance Insights

Our healthcare payer services cater to business challenges pertaining to the entire ecosystem of private health insurance covering private insurance companies, their products, agents, brokers and health plans they offer for individual, family and employee based health/ medical insurance.

  • New Product/ Health Plan Innovation Research
  • Concept Evaluation and Testing
  • Competitive Intelligence Study
  • Marketing Trend Analysis
  • Voice of Customer Study
  • Pricing Research
  • Buying Behavior Analysis
  • Brand Health Study
  • Brand Usage study
  • Media Habits
  • Benchmarking Studies (Health Plan/ Policy/ Broker/ others)

Stakeholder Solutions

Our expert team supports with the healthcare payer value chain covering the providers, distributors, payers, services, and technology providers. Support the clients to address core customer needs across all business models by identifying new market opportunities, optimizing the logistic solutions, next-generation care models, and pragmatic solutions. Experience with areas like pharmacy managers/administrators (PBM/PBA), specialty pharmacy, brokers, provider enabled network services and others.

  • PBM Benchmarking and Trend analysis
  • Specialty Pharmacy Management Study
  • Fraud, analytics and claims mapping study
  • Sales and Marketing Support (commercial health plans) Research
  • Access/Rapid payer surveys for new products
  • Payment Integrity Study
  • PAP Benchmarking study
  • Data and Analytics

We support clients towards their business and market research needs by understanding and transforming their current care models by addressing the right payers and adopting a practical approach to integrating new solutions into the value chain.

Target Groups

Our teams are adept at executing research and gathering insights on most of the elements defined by the private medical insurance covering consulting, other medical examinations, hospitalization, emergency services, laboratory services, maternity and new born care, room, boarding expenses, in-patient hospitalization, pre-hospitalization expenses, post-hospitalization expenses, repatriation services and others.

We have experience in covering medical, health, expatriate as well as travel insurance. Further, we have executed studies in areas of vision insurance, dental insurance, student health insurance, critical illness insurance, and international private medical insurance, international travel medical insurance.

Pharmaceutical service providers (Manufacturers, consultants/brokers, distributors)

Public Payers and HTAs (national/unified, regional and local)

Logistic and service providers (PBM/PBA, specialty pharmacy, software and platform and others)

Private payers (Employer provider, self-funded and others)

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