We offer the following methodologies:

Our experienced qualitative healthcare teams target the right respondent, recruits them, moderates the discussion with effective probing skills and addresses the pertinent business questions for research among stakeholders in the pharma, consumer health, medical devices, health insurance and other healthcare eco-system. We are adept at conducting enhanced qualitative research with ethnography studies, traditional focus groups, in-depth interviews or other tailored methods of qualitative data collection. Unimrkt Healthcare offers personalized approach and dedicated project manager for every project.

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Face to Face

Face to Face In-Depth Interviews, Focus Group Discussions, Device Testing, Patient Record Form Collection, Physician/Patient Interactions

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Online and Mobile

Online Surveys, Online Bulletin Board, Questionnaire Pre-Tests, Physician/Patient Interactions


Telephone – CATI (Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing)

Telephone Depth Interviews, Questionnaire Pre-Tests, Physician/Patient Interactions, Patient record Form

Unimrkt Healthcare differentiates through their high levels of personalized service, broad array of healthcare market research resources, expert qualitative fieldwork planning and execution, sampling expertise and skilled team of medical researchers. Our experience and expertise allows us to customize each market research study to best meet the clients goals and provide actionable results with speedy, reliable service.

  • High turnaround time with quality
  • 1,200 multiple country qualitative studies/year
  • 50+ experienced healthcare moderators with professional background in pharmacy, clinical research, biotechnology, biomedical engineering or sciences
  • Access to dedicated analyst pool with 24*7 support from the project managers
  • Healthcare research covering multiple stakeholders across 90 countries in over 18 foreign languages
  • State-of-the-art CATI systems integrated with predictive dialers
  • On-time project deliveries
  • 16,000 sqft with scalability of more than 350 seats