Qualitative Market Research for Healthcare

We offer the following methodologies:

At Unimrkt Healthcare, we specialize in qualitative market research methods tailored to the healthcare sector. Our seasoned qualitative healthcare teams meticulously target and recruit the right respondents. They moderate discussions with effective probing skills, ensuring that pertinent business questions are addressed among stakeholders in pharma, consumer health, medical devices, health insurance, and other facets of the healthcare ecosystem. Leveraging qualitative market research techniques, we excel in ethnography studies, traditional focus groups, in-depth interviews, and other bespoke methods of qualitative data collection. Every project benefits from our personalized approach, with a dedicated project manager ensuring optimal outcomes.

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Face to Face

Face to Face In-Depth Interviews, Focus Group Discussions, Device Testing, Patient Record Form Collection, Physician/Patient Interactions

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Online and Mobile

Online Surveys, Online Bulletin Board, Questionnaire Pre-Tests, Physician/Patient Interactions


Telephone – CATI (Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing)

Telephone Depth Interviews, Questionnaire Pre-Tests, Physician/Patient Interactions, Patient record Form

Unimrkt Healthcare stands out through our unparalleled personalized service, a vast array of healthcare market research resources, and expertise in qualitative market research techniques. Our strengths include expert qualitative fieldwork planning, sampling expertise, and a skilled team of medical researchers. We customize each market research study to align with client goals, ensuring actionable results with swift, reliable service. Our offerings include:

  • High turnaround time with quality
  • 1,200 multiple country qualitative studies/year
  • 50+ experienced healthcare moderators with professional background in pharmacy, clinical research, biotechnology, biomedical engineering or sciences
  • Access to dedicated analyst pool with 24*7 support from the project managers
  • Healthcare research covering multiple stakeholders across 90 countries in over 18 foreign languages
  • State-of-the-art CATI systems integrated with predictive dialers
  • On-time project deliveries
  • 16,000 sqft with scalability of more than 350 seats


Qualitative market research in healthcare is a specialized approach that focuses on understanding the intricate nuances, perceptions, and experiences related to health behaviors and decisions. Unlike quantitative market research, which seeks measurable and statistical data, qualitative research delves deep into the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of healthcare phenomena. It employs various qualitative market research methods such as in-depth interviews, focus groups, and ethnography studies. The advantages of qualitative market research in the healthcare sector include gaining deeper insights into patient experiences, understanding the motivations behind healthcare choices, and capturing the emotional and psychological aspects of healthcare experiences. This approach is crucial for healthcare market research agencies aiming to provide comprehensive insights into the healthcare ecosystem.
Qualitative data in healthcare encompasses non-numerical insights that offer a deeper understanding of patient and healthcare provider experiences. Examples include:
  • Patient narratives detailing their journey with a chronic illness.
  • Feedback from focus group discussions on the effectiveness of medical devices.
  • Physician insights gathered through healthcare qualitative research on the challenges of implementing new health policies.
  • Ethnographic observations of patient-doctor interactions, showcasing the importance of qualitative research in healthcare.
  • Testimonials from patients about their experiences with healthcare services, highlighting the advantages of qualitative market research.
Qualitative market research refers to the methodological approach of gathering non-numerical data to understand consumers’ attitudes, behaviors, and perceptions towards a product, service, or concept. It employs qualitative market research techniques like in-depth interviews, observational studies, and focus groups to delve into the subjective experiences of participants. The primary goal is to capture the depth and complexity of consumer sentiments, making it a valuable tool for businesses and healthcare market research firms aiming to understand their audience on a profound level.

Qualitative healthcare market research is of paramount importance as it offers a comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted aspects of healthcare. It captures the emotions, beliefs, and perceptions of patients, healthcare providers, and other stakeholders. By employing qualitative health research methods, healthcare market research agencies can uncover the underlying motivations behind healthcare decisions, identify gaps in healthcare delivery, and develop patient-centric solutions. Furthermore, with the rise of personalized medicine and patient-centered care, the healthcare market survey methodology that focuses on qualitative insights is becoming increasingly vital. It ensures that healthcare solutions are not just clinically effective, but also resonate with the emotional and psychological needs of patients.