• Industry: Animal Healthcare
  • Study Type: CIRD Vaccination Study
  • Client: A Leading Market Research Company

Background & Key Objectives

  • Evaluate unbranded creative materials (3 advertisings) to understand how well those communicate key attributes and benefits of such monovalent or combination oral vaccine.
  • To also understand CIRD and habits of respondents regarding vaccine landscape.

Methodology & Approach

  • Conducted CATI interviews with Veterinarians treating and vaccinating dogs for CIRD
  • We targeted 100 vets each in United Kingdom, USA, Germany and France and 50-75 vets each in Belgium & Netherlands. Length of Interview of the study was 20-25 minutes.
  • In order to understand the disease and get some details about the habits of respondents regarding vaccine landscape, we organized a few short pilot interviews per country:
    1. 3-5 pilot interviews in each country
    2. 3-4 minutes in Length of Interview
    3. Vets treating and vaccinating dogs for CIRD
  • Study included questions such as years of practice as a vet, awareness about CIRD disease to determine the symptoms, prevalence and other frequent canine diseases they see in their patients.
  • The study also gained knowledge on understanding the effectiveness of oral vaccine in the treatment.

Our Solution

  • Our assistance helped the end client to analyse the prevalence, treatment and prevention of CIRD in canines and draw out a conclusion on how effective the oral vaccination has been in cure for the disease.