• Industry: Business Research
  • Study Type: Down Syndrome diagnostic test assessment

Background & Key Objectives

  • Client wanted to understand the blood diagnosis of Down's syndrome product availability in the EU countries (NIPT portfolio)
  • Unimrkt assisted client to analyze and assess the market opportunity for blood diagnosis of Down's syndrome product

Methodology & Approach

  • Unimrkt conducted the assessment in two stages, firstly conducting the desk research and thereafter primary research with physicians, competitors and local experts
  • We targeted 3 companies’ products – Sequenom, Verinata and Ariosa (Roche) for this research
  • Unimrkt developed the KIQs for research, translated them in local language and conducted teledepth interviews to gather key insights by targeting 10 local experts in each country and gain real time market insights and experience from them
  • Targeted geographies – UK, Germany and France

Our Solution

  • The study helped the end client understand and analyze which all tests are available for blood diagnosis of Down's syndrome in Europe.
  • We presented our findings that included how these 3 companies products are performing and market entry strategy they followed for EU market and penetration in segment
  • We further assisted with their competitors sales trend and timelines for product launch with pricing.