• Industry: Pharma & Lifesciences
  • Study Type: Epileptic Case Study
  • Client: A leading Research & Consultancy Firm

Background & Key Objectives

  • To gain knowledge and in-depth insights from Epilepsy care professionals, like Neurologists, Epileptologists and general physicians on current standards of patient management.
    1. Deep-dive in understanding Epilepsy universe and understand HCP’s role in this environment.
    2. Comparison of available pharmacotherapy agents, including client’s own product
    3. Usage trends between Generics versus Originators

Methodology & Approach

  • The study was executed in 2 phases – quantitative followed by qualitative.
    1. Length of Interview of the quantitative survey: 30 minutes
    2. Length of Interview of the qualitative survey: 60 minutes
    3. Target markets: UK and EU4
  • The surveys consisted of questions divided into different sections:
    1. Epilepsy patient management (process of treatment decision, treatment lines and switching process).
    2. Patient journey and challenges (impact of epilepsy in patient’s life, financial burden and associated care)
    3. Treatment trend (switch from the 3rd generation to 4th generation drugs, shift from originators to generics and vice versa, challenges faced on treatment shift, patient’s response).
    4. Overall disease burden and treatment decision drivers.
  • We deployed a specialist team of healthcare researchers, comprised of experienced Research analysts with skillsets for healthcare discussion with specialists and project managers with experience in data analysis

Our Solution

  • The study results helped the client fill the data gaps on current standards and trends in patient care and patients' response and physician opinion of their product.
  • This aided the client's medical affairs and the marketing team in redirecting their efforts to the existing messaging and physician feedback on their product.
  • Data was shared in Excel/SPSS and Transcripts (excel spreadsheet) format.