• Industry: Healthcare Providers
  • Study Type: Hospital Infection Prevention Study
  • Client: A leading Research & Consultancy Firm

Background & Key Objectives

  • To get key insights from decision makers at hospitals about the prevention, control, reporting and/or outbreak management of various infections.
  • To identify the key technologies and methods being widely used at hospitals to treat and overcome the situation.
  • To estimate the overall market size and offer the full panorama of hospital infection and water systems.
  • To identify usage patterns and potential market opportunity

Methodology & Approach

  • We conducted research involving 100n semi-structured interviews with decision makers and influencers for the infection prevention at various hospital settings in China.
  • The Length of Interview of the survey was 15-20 minutes.
  • Extensive research was conducted across numerous hospitals with decision makers with primary area of work at high risk areas such as ICUs, Hematology/Oncology, Endoscopy, Burns and others.
  • The survey revolved around respondents such as Head Nurse, Engineer, Facility management Heads, Microbiology Heads, and key influencers of the Infection Control Team.
  • Focused on deriving data on Point-of-Entry (POE) Filtration, Water Safety Groups, World Health Organization Water Safety Plan recommendations, technology/methods for POE treatment, Pre-filtration upstream of automatic endoscopic reprocessing, manufacturers, microbiology guidelines and others being followed/used.
  • We deployed a specialist team of healthcare researchers, comprised of experienced Research Analyst having good analytical skills.

Our Solution

  • Based on our study, the end client was able to understand key trends, gaps and market patterns about the hospital infections.
  • This helped them redesign their model in line with the needs and requirements of the patients and highlight better infection prevention measures and products/practices improvement scope.