• Industry: Medical Products & Services
  • Study Type: Molecular Diagnostic Testing Market Assessment Study
  • Client: A leading Research & Consultancy Firm

Background & Key Objectives

  • To comprehend the market dynamics and competitive landscape of Molecular Diagnostic Testing Market.
  • To assess the overall impact of COVID-19 on molecular diagnostic testing in India, China, Japan, Australia, Singapore.

Methodology & Approach

  • We conducted a primary research via Telephone In-Depth Interview (TIDI).
  • The research targeted Product, Marketing & Sales Managers/Directors – Molecular Diagnostic Manufacturers (e.g. Abbott, BD etc.) and Distributors.
  • The Length of Interview was around 45-60 minutes.
  • The study was conducted across APAC (India, China, Japan, Australia, Singapore).
  • The interview consisted of questions on restraints for the market, percentage contribution of Virology, HAIs, Sexual Health and Women Health and MTB in the market, current scenario and future predictions of Lab PCR market and POC Molecular Diagnostic market.
  • The study also focused on leading molecular diagnostic tests manufacturers (for analyzers, reagent kits and controls), funding scenario of the tests, reimbursement policy, healthcare regulations and future focus with regards to molecular diagnostics, USPs of different types of equipment and reagents sold by companies for these tests and the impact of COVID-19 on the market dynamics.
  • We deployed a specialist team of native and experienced non-native researchers in medtech and in-vitro diagnosyits industry

Our Solution

  • This study helped the client to assess the molecular diagnostic testing market in detail and the repercussions of COVID-19 with regards to the market dynamics.
  • Our assistance aided the end clients to comprehend the trends in molecular diagnostic testing market to help improve the products and services for their customers in the future.
  • Data was delivered in SPSS and Excel format.