• Industry: Healthcare Payers
  • Study Type: Payer and pricing assessment for a novel Hemophilia A Therapy
  • Client: A leading Healthcare Consultancy Firm

Background & Key Objectives

  • To assess the market opportunity for a novel Hemophilia A therapy in order to facilitate their discussions with national/regional payers across USA and EU5.
  • To seek input on target product profiles and requisite data of interest and overall opinion on value based agreements.

Methodology & Approach

  • Unimrkt conducted the assessment in two stages – Stage 1 of desk research and stage 2 of primary research with the target groups.
  • Desk Research
    1. Unimrkt reviewed clinical guidelines in the USA and EU5 and analyzed the trends in actual clinical practice, primarily where differing from the clinical guidelines
  • Primary Research
    1. Overall structure, and differentiating factors accounted for Rare disease products
    2. Product and pricing evaluation factors by HTA bodies like NICE, IQWiG, HAS, commercial payers, CMS, etc.
    3. Pricing structure of current standard of care product in the Hemophilia A care
  • We conducted telephonic interviews with the USA & EU5 countries payers.
  • Sample size: Total 150 interviews with payers; 30 payers in each of the countries (USA -30, EU5 countries - 120)

Our Solution

  • Unimrkt developed the KIQs, programmed the survey in ConfirmIT and engaged in primary research with relevant payers to explore:
    1. Importance of a novel agent for Hemophilia A with the payers
    2. Likely pricing scales to be accepted
    3. Type of contract agreements finalized between payers and the manufacturers
    4. Access hurdles and restrictions at different price points
  • Final data was shared in the form of data tables, cross tabs, top line analysis in client provided MS PPT template