• Industry: Pharma & Lifesciences
  • Study Type: Prostate Cancer Patient and Caregiver Study
  • Client: A Leading Healthcare Consulting Firm

Background & Key Objectives

  • To understand the attitude, behavior, motivations and opinions of patients and caregivers regarding their disease and treatment plan.
  • The client intend to gather inputs regarding:
    1. Opinion of the patients/caregivers towards physicians and pharmaceutical company
    2. Product and brand performance (based on effectiveness, safety, trust, access, ease of following dosage instructions)
    3. Benchmark the client product with other line of treatments

Methodology & Approach

  • Hybrid methodology of online panel and telephonic discussions was conducted with the mCRC (Metastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer) patients and their caregivers.
  • The sample of 400 was achieved through the internal panel, patient advocacy groups and online support groups
  • Length of Interview: 25 minutes
  • Target countries: United Kingdom, France, Italy and Spain
  • We deployed a specialist team of healthcare researchers, comprised of experienced Healthcare Research Analyst with primary, desk and data analysis skills.
  • Data was delivered in SPSS/ Excel and brief PPT report with topline highlights.

Our Solution

  • Final output provided real-time insights from patients and caregivers on the current care pathway and associated challenges across physicians and pharmaceutical marketers.
  • The insights assisted the client to offer recommendations to the pharmaceutical sponsor for revamping their product messaging and improve the existing engagement model.