• Industry: Pharma & Lifesciences
  • Study Type: Severe Eosinophilic Asthma (SEA) Study
  • Client: A leading Research & Consultancy Firm

Background & Key Objectives

  • The purpose of the study was to learn about physicians’ approach of diagnosing Severe Eosinophilic Asthma (SEA) and inclusion of biologics in the treatment plan.
  • To identify patient eligibility on different biologics as per their clinical/baseline factors Concept

Methodology & Approach

  • A nationally representative probability sample of office- and hospital-based Pulmonologists & Allergologists that diagnose and treat patients
  • Length of Interview of the quantitative/qualitative survey: 45 minutes
  • Target geography: USA, UK, Germany and Eastern Europe
  • The surveys consisted of questions divided into different sections:
    1. Length of Interview of the quantitative survey: 30 minutes
    2. Patient journey
    3. Biomarker testing in SEA and their current utility (key biomarkers, % spilt of diagnosis referrals, IgE level in SEA diagnosis and the importance of eosinophil's in treatment regime)
    4. Patient profiles on each biologics
    5. Concept testing of a new Biologic in development

Our Solution

  • Concept testing allowed the client to get the initial feedback of their under-development biologics targeted for SEA patients from the physicians (Pulmonologists & Allergologists).
  • Overall and market-wise sub-split of early and late adopters of Biologics in the SEA.
    1. Trade-off features of the under development drug
    2. Intent to Prescribe
    3. Price Sensitivity Analysis