• Industry: Medical Products & Services
  • Study Type: Telemedicine and modalities for Patient care
  • Client: A leading Healthcare Consultancy firm

Background & Key Objectives

  • To understand the current trends towards adopting telemedicine modality (mHealth, remote patient monitoring, Livestreaming, etc.), brands, and virtual platforms for patients.
  • Investigate the drivers, concerns, and challenges (awareness, regulatory, and others) for the implementation of telemedicine in routine practice.
  • Identify the measures of accuracy and latest developments, further categorized for different sub-specialties.

Methodology & Approach

  • Team conducted rigorous primary research via CATI methodology with the influencers and decision-makers in the different healthcare settings (IDNs, group practice, standalone centers, and others )
  • Target Geography: USA and interview duration was 20 Minutes.
  • Our team targeted 150 cardiologists, respiratory consultants, general practitioners, and 50 procurement managers and supply chain managers.
  • The survey aimed to assess the market scenario of telemedicine, different modalities, adoption across different healthcare settings, product and services sales, etc.
  • Our team gathered the data related to Usage, prices, precision, the accuracy of key tele-health platforms/brands.
  • A dedicated section to understand the awareness, drivers of implementation, and challenges faced by the users.

Our Solution

  • Our data enabled the client to get insights into the telemedicine industry's status and market size.
  • With the help of the survey conducted by our team, the client was able to find out the right opportunity to target their business in the telemedicine industry.
  • Data was shared in Excel/SPSS format.