Unimrkt Health is involved in the most extensive research covering projects in agriculture and animal health. We assist our clients to gather the best insights to support their sales, marketing, financial, operations, research and development and strategic solutions decision making.

In agriculture market research, we have been working in areas of agrochemicals and seeds, agricultural machinery and farm equipment as well as horticulture and landscaping across major markets by leveraging our panels and conducting qualitative and quantitative research.

Further, in animal health we focus on large and small animals used as production animals and companion animals. We have an experienced team of researchers that focus on all the aspects of veterinary services. The products range from feed additives to the vaccines as well as the pharmaceuticals for veterinary services. We make sure that we meet highest quality standards, timeliness, privacy and compliance.


  • First opinion vets (large animal, small animal, equine, pig & poultry)
  • Veterinary nurses
  • Advisory services
  • Government agencies
  • NGOs
  • Trade associations
  • Universities
  • Parasitologists
  • Food safety experts
  • Animal health regulators
  • Senior scientists
  • Manufacturers
  • Field Reps
  • Consultants
  • Pest Control Advisors
  • Producers
  • Turf and Ornamental Professionals
  • Lawn Care Operators
  • Golf Course Superintendents
  • Pest Management Operators
  • Agronomists
  • Forestry Experts
  • Industry Associations and Societies

Our multidisciplinary teams have the extensive expertise to deliver insights on: animal health, animal nutrition and animal genetics along with agricultural machinery, seeds and crop protecting chemicals. We provide a holistic view of market trends, market drivers, future opportunities, restraints and competitive landscape to ensure that our client’s needs are met and important information is shared.

Animal Health Agri Research
companion animals (Dog, Cat, Rabbit, Birds) agricultural machinery and farm equipment (Tractors, drip irrigation, sprinklers, pump sets, sprayers, threshers, tillers and combined harvesters)
ruminants (Cattles, Goat, Sheep and others) agrochemicals, fertilizers & seeds (Insecticide and Fungicide, Seed disinfection, Seed disinfestations, Seed Protection)
equus (Horse and Zebra) micro irrigation sector (Pre and Post Harvesting Equipment, Micro Irrigation Implements, Drip and Sprinkler Systems and Nutrient Dispensers, Soil Treatment, Water management)
swine (Pigs) horticulture & landscaping (Gardening equipment, Plants & seeds, Substrates & soils, Construction and landscaping machinery & equipment)
poultry (Fowl, Chicken, Quail, Turkeys, Duck and others)

Business Challenges we cover

Market Intelligence

Stakeholder Insights

Enterprise Wide Solutions

Strategic Solutions

Market Intelligence

We provide market intelligence solutions covering all major business areas to provide support at each stage of product development and commercialization by discovering unmet needs in the marketplace and to evaluate and test client ideas for feasibility and usability.

  • Market Assessment
  • Market Landscape
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Behavioral Analysis
  • Product Analysis
  • Opportunity Assessment
  • Price Evaluation
  • Customer Perception
  • Improving Brand Awareness
  • Brand Health Tracking

Strategic Solutions

Our strategic solutions mainly provide product related insights to assist our clients to solve their targeted problems and business challenges to address and gather the right insights that can be further leveraged to define strategy and future goals.

  • Concept Testing
  • New Product Ideation
  • Price setting at launch and post-launch research
  • Opportunity Assessment
  • Customer Mapping
  • Need Gap Analysis
  • Product Awareness
  • Product Refinement
  • Win Loss Analysis
  • Value Proposition Testing

Enterprise Wide Solutions

Our specific solutions at the enterprise or corporate level addressing the business needs comprising corporate strategy, corporate development, strategy diversification, corporate communications, brand health.

  • Market Exploration Study
  • Brand Image Assessment
  • Pricing Test
  • Contracting, discounts, and rebates analysis
  • Commercial due diligence study
  • Corporate Strategy Testing
  • Communication Effectiveness Study
  • Advertising Pre-Testing
  • Corporate re-branding
  • Brand and behavior tracking
  • Sales force Effectiveness Study
  • Market Optimization Study

Stakeholder Insights

Our stakeholder insightsprovides support in key areas of research with stakeholders covering physicians, thought leaders, payers, regulatory experts, market access experts and patients to address key business issues

  • Sales Effectiveness Studies
  • Key Opinion leader (KOL) Research
  • Pricing Research
  • Market Access
  • Epidemiology Research
  • Brand Health/Tracker
  • Payer Value propositon
  • Customer Satisfaction

We assist clients with deep insights covering the entire ecosystem of agricultural research and animal health challenges by addressing the tactical issues to strategic and financial challenges by leveraging the


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